Your story matters

I’ve heard it said we are like civilizations, our lives are connected in many ways to many things past and present.  Briefly pause…think of where you’ve come from and then where you’re going.  We each build upon the foundations that have been laid or sometimes ruined by those who have come before us.   Think of our parents and then our grandparents and so on- there is history built upon history.

Histories are tales, stories.  And we’re not alone in these stories; there are a multitude of parallel and intersecting lives all around us.  These strings of stories dance about across time and space, shaping us, taking us to the present and then guiding our future.

You see what I mean? You are a part of a larger story.  A part of a larger family of humanity.  Just being human; that is something significant; there’s something noteworthy and noble about it.  There is a sacredness to this life and to existence;  it is all very wonderful.

And now you find yourself here on a website and our paths have crossed, if even for just a moment.  Perhaps your on the heels of an engagement, preparing one of life’s grandest commitments: marriage.  You are filled with love, anticipation and courage for the future, knowing you have a closest companion to share life’s experience.  Your love is a story of lives aligning for the better.

However, our stories flee.  Our memories fade.  Ruthlessly, our years, days, and moments march on without hesitation or consideration of what we might miss or overlook.  Yet, we try our best to record and retain what we can and yet still fall short of capturing life’s full significance.

That a single moment can be captured is a phenomenal ability; it is a luxury that we have enjoyed for only the last couple centuries. Can you imagine how we’d marvel if our greatest ancestors possessed the tool we all conveniently carry in our pockets? To be able to gaze upon their moments with our modern eyes would be something stunning.  Too often we take this for granted.

I find great pleasure taking part in this ability to capture moments.  So as you browse through my photography and read these words, it is my hope is that your visit has been encouraging.  That there is literally a courage and strength put in you, knowing that and you are a part of something bigger and entirely significant and that your story matters to me.

kindly, Matt


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