Here's how it works:  you will visit your online gallery and Select Favorite 65-75 images  (by clicking the 'heart' icon).   You can manage all your favorites in the top-right corner through the heart icon.  IMPORTANT:  Once you have them selected then please email me and I will begin the album design.  

Next, fill out the Album Order Form (at the bottom of this page). 

Once the design is done, I will email the proofs for review and any changes that need to be made.  Finally, we'll order it to be printed and bound!  

To recap:

  1. Select gallery favorites (65-75 images)
  2. Fill out Album Options Form (below)
  3. MMP will Begin design
  4. Review of design
  5. Order Album

Turnaround time:  Albums will ship within 15 business days. 


Albums come with 18 Spreads
-Add #1-10 spreads // $20 per spread
-Add #10-20 spreads // $15 per spread

Pricing for Albums
$600 // 5x5 Linen
$650 // 5x5 Linen
$700 // 6x6 Linen
$750 // 6x6 Leather
$800 // 8x8 Linen
$900 // 8x8 Leather
$1100 // 10x10 Linen
$1200 // 10x10 Leather
$1250 // 12x12 Linen
$1400 // 12x12 Leather

***Identical albums (in size and design) are 15% off 2nd album and 25% off 3rd, 4th, etc.



Cover Swatches

To see larger images of these swatches, please visit:


Font Choices



Please spell out exactly how you want your names imprinted: ex. "Groom and Bride" ... "Groom+Bride" Date ... "Groom & Bride" ... etc.
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