This is one of our clients favorites add-ons to their weddings and events.  At your next big event, albeit birthday, reunion, wedding, or party of any kind, consider adding a little extra flavor and entertainment for your guests with our photo booth. What we do is set up a white backdrop and a camera on a tripod with a remote trigger and then *voila*, your guests go crazy in front of the camera for a few hours. End result: a beautiful collection of classic moments are captured for both you and your guests, an excellent way to bring your event to the next level.


IS THIS AN ACTUAL BOOTH?  Nope.  This setup is different than the traditional photo booth: you can fit larger groups, jump around a bit, explore the space and let guests have fun.  

HOW ARE THE IMAGES DELIVERED?  The images are delivered by email as a digital download.  Once you have them you can print away until your heart's content.

WHAT ARE THE BACKDROP OPTIONS?  I bring a white backdrop, keeping it minimal and less distracting to the subjects.  However, if there is a backdrop you have in mind or a some great wall there at your venue then by all means let me know and we can discuss.

DO YOU OFFER DAY-OF PRINTS?  I do not.  Since I deliver the images digitally and because guests usually end up displaying their favorites online I offer digital delivery.  

ARE THERE PROPS YOU PROVIDE?  Every event has such a unique feel that I have found it to be more helpful discussing and giving suggestions to you the clients rather than providing the same generic props to each occasion.  Check out Etsy for some quality props suppliers.

COST?  $800 for up to 2.5 hours coverage ($300/hr each additional hour). This comes with all the digital files delivered via email plus an online gallery for all your family and guests to access.

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Orange County Photo Booth Rental by Matthew Morgan Photography